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A competition Kart sliding platform where you can choose which character of the legendary Dragon Ball race. During the race you have to collect the Dragon Balls, and you can slow down your opponents using your energy beam, taking care not to be deleted.

Getting Started:Click on Start Game and select between the character Son Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta and Mr. Satan.

How to play: Use the right arrow to accelerate and that high to jump over obstacles, press the space bar to use the energy band, if you have enough power.
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Goku faces a challenging mission in search of dragon ball, fighting the army of the red belt that confronts him on board many ships.

Getting Started: Click the Start button in the lower right corner to start the mission.

How to play: To move Goku in the air aboard his magic cloud uses the keys W, A, S, D and press L to deliver the blows, still uses the L button (hold) to load and then generate the energy bar and kill the enemies.
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